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Adhästhetics 2019 2-Tages Kurs mit Hands-on

Ulf Krüger Janson

18. Oktober - 19. Oktober

Adhästhetics 2019 2-Tages Kurs mit Hands-on

Anteriors: Aesthetics is an aspect of dentistry where boundaries are being pushed further due to ever more demandingpatients. modern dentistry is continuously developing materials and methods to allow us to easily and predictably achieveexcellent aesthetic results in a less invasive manner.This course will cover the fundamentals of smile aesthetics,composite restorations on anterior teeth with the help of videopresentations.
The course will focus on: composite restorations, analyzingdifferent types of composite materials, layering and polishingtechniques for direct restorations. we will outline proceduresfor natural layering restorations. All the clinical protocols willbe analyzed into details.

Posteriors: Direct restorations on posterior teeth will be covered including indications. Achieving optimal adhesion in modernrestorative dentistry plays a primary role in the management ofpost-operative sensitivity and prognosis of the restorations. The indications, cavity preparations and protocols for adhesive restorations have undergone great changes in the pastdecade and this course will update you with the latest evidence based techniques. Adhesive dentistry has the potentialto reduce the biological cost to the patient. The course willcover the latest knowledge and protocols to achieve this inyour practice.
we will also examine different types of composite materialsand their clinical applications and properties. Different types ofmatrices systems will also be analyzed. The management ofthe periodontal tissues when conserving a tooth shall also bediscussed.clinical videos and hands on exercises performed by the participants will be widely used as part of the course.

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Mitglieder: 800 €, Nichtmitglieder: 950 €, Youngster nach Rücksprache: 450 €

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18. Oktober
19. Oktober


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Ulf Krüger Janson